Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DRIVE - IN - MOVIE - Grandma/Papa Style

On Sunday March 7, 2010
Tickets were required for
the event of the

Signs were posted . . .

This way to the
"Drive - In - Movie"
at Papa and Grandma's

Cars were permitted inside the
home. . .
 (with evidence of insurance)

Keys were taken from
some drivers
during the movie. . .
(for the safety of those on the sidewalk)

3-D glasses were allowed

Parking the trucks backwards . . . 
and sitting in the bed was allowed !!!!

Food at the snack bar was
offered for at a cost . ..

Ice cream was the big hit . . . 
 and was the

Minor repairs caused the show
to stop every
once in a while...

But the show went on . . .
 as the
 noise level

What more could a person as for. . .
Plenty of food. . .
Good . . . Movie
And a place in the back to . . .
make out....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Screen Television

There comes a time and a place for 

Papa and Grandma

 to step forward !!!!
It took a number of years
But the idea of using what I
have in my house to make a
forward, came to me on
New Years Eve while I sat
pondering / looking
at my 32 inch screen television
 while others, within the family,
were watching much larger scale televisons  

All it took was to unpack the screen
that has been in the garage
 for the past couple of years
(since we bought the projector for the exchange program)
and ....
Run the wires from here to there....

PESTO !!!!

82 inch
screen television. 

Even Spiff (my dog)
got into to mode and found the
"Top Level"
of the stadium seating
was to her liking.

Super Bowl 2010 - FOOD

With every Super Bowl comes
FOOD !!!!
Reina claimed her share
of what was
 being offered.

Not to worry. . . . 
The hosts provided plenty of food ....
 while the GAME was on.
Dustin and Amber
 were in charge of the food
Papa slid a side dish of
 "The Dessert"
 between everything else.
The party started
 looooong .....
before the game started.
Suprise !!!!

Most of the food was consumed
 by the time the evening was
because of a the 

Super Bowl 2010

What more can be said about the
that was held at

Everyone gathered to watch the game. . . 
or was it to watch . . .
DUSTIN ? ? ?

Here is the "Before" photo....
I did not have the HEART (guts)
to snap the

Plenty of support was around.

Even the Primary
came ready to
defend it's team

At last.... Payton (Junior)
was the last to hold
 the banner high for his DAD